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Hello sweethearts!

Are you like me and like to incorporate vintage and pin up in your everyday life? Then this is the blog post for you. I have always admired old photos of gorgeous ladies on their bikes but a few years ago only bike I had was an old and not so nice brown bike of my mom. I'm an outdoorsy type, I love warm weather, sun, fresh air and nature. So I spent a lot of time on that old bike, but just the look on it made me feel sad and grumpy. Imagine me, all dolled up staring at that ugly bike.

So one day I decided to take things in my own hands, and with mom's approval, makeover could start! First I needed to get rid of that ugly brown colour, so I took off the wheels and everything that I could disassemble. Parts that I had to leave like lights I protected with tape. Next step was spray painting. I used regular auto spray in my favourite green colour, no sanding or any prep. It was just an experiment that ended up great! 2 cats after, dried, bike was ready.  Now it was time for a touch ups. 

Vintage bike can't go without flower basket so I bought some fake flowers and just glued them on white wired basket. Also, I added some nice butterfly stickers and big bell. Now my ride was ready and I was super happy with the result. Here are the before and after photos, what do you think?  

I got many compliments and four years later my bike still look like new. So with a can of spray paint and a little imagination you can do wonders. It was a three-day project but it was worth it. Today I still ride with style but on a different bike.  

After a long summer at work I treated myself with a cruiser bike. It's a simple white bike that I also retouched with a seat and basket cover. If you want to do a simple change on your bike that is the easiest way.  

All of the above mentioned ways to do a bike makeover are budget friendly, fast and fun. If you have any other ideas how to do a bike makeover let me know!

Eleanor Rebel 
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