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1 Tee, 3 Ways: How To Style The Campbell Crafts x Atomic Swag Bowling T-Shirt
Hi, Campbell Crafts blog readers! I'm Sammi, and I run my own retro-inspired blog called The Soubrette Brunette. I'm thrilled to be writing today's post, which is centered around making your wardrobe a bit more versatile. Admittedly, I'm not always the best at this; I tend to buy pieces that I wear in only one way, rather than items I can mix and match. But in an ever-constant effort to improve (and not spend money), I decided to style this Campbell Crafts x Atomic Swag bowling t-shirt three different ways to show just how much longevity pieces like these really have.

My favorite way to wear graphic tees is to pair them with a full skirt with a wide waistband. Normally, I would have opted to wear a cropped cardigan over this outfit... but it's been unseasonably hot where I live, so I went without. I went to check out a new local spot, Radio Social, with a few friends and thought this outfit would fit in perfectly. It's actually located in an old radio factory (where my late-grandfather once worked!), so it's decorated accordingly. Radio Social is a combination restaurant, bar, and bowling alley, which made it a great choice for a girls' night out. I felt super comfortable yet reasonably dressed-up in this outfit. Many thanks to my photog for the evening, Emma Rizzo, for taking these snaps!

In all honesty, I don't wear pants very often – at least, not when I get all dolled up. But these thick black leggings are the exception to my self-imposed rule. I wanted to wear this tee in a Greaser type of way (despite the fact it was blazing hot outside!), so I paired it with a little biker jacket, casual flats, and a bowling ball pin. I may not be totally comfortable taking photos in pants, but since this was all about challenging myself, I decided to embrace it.

For my third outfit, I had planned to style the t-shirt underneath a cute overall dress. Unfortunately, the overall dress I'd ordered ended up being a whoooole lot shorter than I'd anticipated, so I had to improvise! This gingham halter dress is one of my favorites, but it easily transforms into a skirt when you layer a t-shirt over it. I gathered up the extra shirt material in the back and tied a bow with the halter straps in the back. I'm also not very confident wearing my hair up like this, but again: I'm embracing it!
This style challenge has made me realize that I can wear pieces I might have shied away from in the past – and that I could definitely stand to thin out my wardrobe and focus on more versatile items.  

What's your favorite way to remix a basic graphic tee? Are there other ideas you think I should try?
Thanks so much for checking out my 1-item, 3-ways post! For more retro outfits and adventures, be sure to follow my blog, The Soubrette Brunette! I hope to see you around soon. :)
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1 comment

  1. I simply adore all 3 of these looks - AND YOU'RE IN PANTS!!! Haha, great job styling this tee. It can be fun to switch it up and rock a casual tee with a skirt instead of jeans all the time!!