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BOOKS: Pages bound together to create something beyond who we may be. Something to help us grow, worlds to shape and mold us into things that we didn't think was possible. Books can be your best friend and your greatest enemy. Bringing out emotions that have been hidden deep within the depths of your soul. One will never feel lonely when you read those words written across the pages, teaching, cradling and shaping your mind. Books are a constant companion, a lover, a teacher, a confidant. They are something you can share with others, and cherish forever if you wanted them to. Books become a part of you, and when speaking of myself, books became my life.

Miss Bettie Bookworm here, and this is a story about my love of books. Books to me have always been more than just paper put together between two covers. It was always my escape, a chance for me to live a thousand lives. It started at a very young age, when I wasn't running around causing chaos , I would beg someone to take me to the bookstore, any bookstore really. I could spend hours and hours in between the stacks trying to find the perfect book. I would usually spend all my money, leave with as many as I could carry, then I would get lectured by my mother about having too many that I haven't even read yet. I would create stacks, from biggest to smallest( of course), on the floor of books I was going to read. Setting insane reading goals for my little self to see if I could finish all those books. Most of the time I would get too distracted to finish them all , but that was just the beginning. The older I got the larger my collection grew and the worse my  bibliophila got.  I brought those books with me no matter where I moved, and just kept collecting more. Eventually after graduating college I found my way back to the Northern California Coast and used the spare bedroom as my library den. Fast forward to about a year later and I settled in my tiny 600 person town and started to collect again .

So you probably didn't know that tiny towns still existed  in California, well apparently they do, and I am currently living in one. If you are familiar at all with Hallmark movies at all , that is the easiest way to describe my life. I live above the local bread bakery, that happens to be owned by my family, and has been since the beginning in 1929. There is only one gas station, one local restaurant/tavern that happens to be the only bar, and there isn't even a stop light. Everything but the bar closes by 6 o'clock PM and we definitely have to create our own fun. If I were you I would be sitting there reading this asking myself, do you only work in the town or are there other places nearby? Well to answer you imaginary question there are two main towns relatively close to my tiny little town. The closest of the two is where I currently work my dream job, a small little independent bookstore. I have the honor of being poached from a previous job to come in and manage this little gem just twenty minutes north of my sleepy town. 

Working at the bookstore was a dream come true, ever since I was that little runt carrying her stack of books to the register, to now managing that register. Never in my life I would ever imagine that I would have the opportunity to work at my dream job. It’s crazy to think that not very many people out there even have the opportunity to say that they love what they do. I can say that I love what I do,  and then some. Not only do I get the order and buy books any time I please, while still supporting a local business, I can help other people find their next book companion, get them to dive into a new adventure, love story, or mystery. I  have the true pleasure of getting them to open up their imagination, brightening their minds, and warming their hearts with something as easy has finding them the right pages.

 Finding the right book for someone can be rather difficult. Just like anything people have different tastes and interests, whether it is wine, food, or what movie they would like to watch. Everyone is different and that is one of the biggest joys of life. Getting to know the differences in people is fascinating, it may not be as easy as reading a book, but it can be just as enjoyable. Most of the time when customers come into the bookstore they will trying browsing around themselves. Seeing if they have any of the books jump out at them, but sometimes they ask those of us who work there. When finding the right book for someone you have to ask them a few simple questions to spark the fire. First and foremost you have to ask what they normally read, that will just give you a greater idea on what direction you need to go in. I personally love some adventure fantasy genre, with things from fairy tales past, beyond the realms of reality.  Not everyone reads like I do of course, some people what a really in-depth mystery, or a historical fiction about a past war. But that first question will launch me into that direction before I go on some tangent about something that I am ridiculously passionate about. Either way I always hope to find the right match for everyone that asks for help, or a suggestion on what to read next. 

Some current suggestions or top picks that I recommend any of you read:

1.     The Fortune Teller by Gwendolyn Womack

2.     Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

3.     Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling  (everyone should read it once)

4.     The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

5.     The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

I am currently Reading:

1.     The Bear and the Nightingale (Winternight Trilogy #1) by Katherine Arden

Take this story about my love for books as a way to ignite that dormant side of you. The side that keeps whispering in your ear that you need to read more again, that those books you pick up while you are browsing with friends are meant for you. Give into that whisper, the call to hear the binding crack and the smell of fresh book smell fill the room.  Walk into your local bookstore to start up a conversation with the passionate bookworms that may work there; who knows , you may run into me. Remember it is ok to be a book nerd and be passionate about reading, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. With that I wish you a wonderful day, and a happy book hunting. 

Miss Bettie Bookworm 

Instagram: @missbettiebookworm
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