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Happy Halloween to all our wonderful readers and customers of Campbell Crafts!!

As the nights draw in and the weather starts to turn to chilly days and cold nights, I've put together a few ideas on how to style The Fifty Five Collection for the upcoming seasons.

 I always find piecing together your outfit before adding accessories works best. You can change up what you think may not work. Placing your outfit on your bed and laying everything out, means you can get a visual idea of how your outfit will look all together.

Checking the weather the night before helps you get an idea of what would be more practical but still looking stylish. For example: Will you need to wear tights and boots as apposed to bare legs and ballet flats.

Outfit One:
Hibiscus dress paired with a navy cropped cardigan, black or nude tights and black Chelsea boots

Outfit Two:
Teaming the new mustard short sleeve jumper with a swing skirt in blue gingham. Adding brown brogues as pictured to tie it altogether.

Outfit Three:
Pastels work wonders during the colder months like this pink short sleeve jumper, especially with dark tones like the hibiscus swing skirt. Adding the black Chelsea boots for warmth.

Outfit Four:
Adding a tshirt to swing skirts is one of my favorute things to do when its cold. Just add a cardigan - teamed perfectly with the blue gingham swing skirt.

I hope these little tips help you piece together your own outfits for the upcoming seasons wearing your items from The Fifty Five Collection. Make sure to check out Campbell Crafts Boutique this week, as postage is Free for the UK using the code 'FREEPOST' and lower shipping costs to everywhere else!

Have a fabulous week darlings!
Much Love

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5 Reasons to Love Fall/Autumn // Femme De Bloom

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Hello friends, it’s me Melanie! For my next guest blog post, I wanted to take some time to highlight one of my favorite seasons. While summer was my childhood favorite (no school + my birthday in July!), I’ve come to truly love autumn/fall as I’ve become an adult for many different reasons…..and here they are (in no particular order)!
Mustard yellow, maroon, olive green, burnt orange, and more! I just adore the rich, warm colors associated with autumn so much and try to incorporate them in everything I do including makeup, fashion choices, home décor, etc.

The Natasha Denona Safari All Matte Eyeshadow Palette is one I’ve been eyeing this autumn. Some of these colors even work for other seasons! 

Target online also has some gorgeous fall décor (is there anything they don’t sell that I don’t need/want?)

I just purchased these pumpkin tealight holders from Pier One Imports and I am obsessed!

Wayfair also has some gorgeous fall wreaths on sale!

Plaid skirts using a fall color palette are an autumn ESSENTIAL for me! This is one I’ve been eyeing on

My shop, FemmeDeBloom, also has some new autumn & Halloween accessories! Shop the collection here.

For my collar loving gals! Available here  in my shop!

                  It’s time to bust out the BOOTS & booties!  I’ve been eyeing  these cuties from  Forever 21
Totally obsessed with the Samantha Voodoo Vixen dress as well!  Available here.

2: Sweater/Cardigan weather

Now that it’s cooling down (in most parts of the world) it’s time to invest in some cardigans and sweaters! Here are some of my favorites!
Navy cropped cardigan from Campbell Crafts (more colors available!)

I adore the sleeves on this pullover from Madewell! 
3: Where my Pumpkin Lovers at? (Meeee! Edited by Lulu!)
Yes, I admit, I’m one of THOSE. I make it a point to try everything I possibly can that is pumpkin flavored  or scented during the season to the point where I vow to never eat pumpkin again! Of course, I break this vow when autumn comes around again because I completely forget how over it I was and the cycle continues! Here are some pumpkin goodies I’ll be trying this year!

You better believe I’m trying these pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls for breakfast baby!

So you can make your own pumpkin spice latte at home and save your Starbucks money!

This Yankee Candle is my favorite scent to fill my home for the holidays! It makes me want to eat all the pumpkin pie!

This might be a bit overboard for some people, but if you’re into tea this is one of my favorites for the fall season!  From Harney & Sons.

Every year I also like to try a new pumpkin themed baking recipe! I came across this recipe for pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting and I can’t wait to try it!

4: So much TV & not enough time

I spend a lot of time doing crafts in my little office…which means I listen to a lot of podcasts & audio books and binge watch a lot of TV! I love the fall because it means some of my favorite shows are back and there are new ones to watch! Some of my favorites include This Is Us, Grey’s Anatomy, The Goldberg’s, Blackish, Fresh Off The Boat, Handmaid’s Tale, Game of Thrones (although it never starts in the Fall ha!), Riverdale and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

Comment this post and tell me what you’ll be watching this TV season! I am always looking for new shows!
5: Halloween
Last but DEFINITELY not least…Halloween! It’s the best holiday ever! I love everything about Halloween including the treats, the colors, dressing up, & of course going to Disneyland (or other parks for those not in California/US).
For those looking for some cute Halloween & Halloween/Disney inspired accessories check out the Halloween collection from FemmeDeBloom!

Click here to shop this collection!

Need some Halloween costume ideas this year? Here are some of favorites I found on the interwebs! I lean toward DIY costumes because I think it can be a lot easier than you think to put together an outfit based on clothes you have with some extra creative touches!
DIY White Rabbit costume by Color Me Courtney

You can never go wrong with channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn! Costume idea from The Joy of Fashion  Blog

Omg you guys, I think I’m going to do this this year!!!!!  Isn’t this adorable?!  Another one from Joy of Fashion Blog

Mary Poppins! I love this idea! You can totally reuse all of this clothing too! Details available here.
I would love to hear from you all regarding some of your favorite fall fashions, DIY Halloween costumes, fall activities or accessory shops so feel free to comment below and share!
Thank you for reading! 
Melanie x
Make sure to check out my shop FemmeDeBloom
Instagram: @femmedebloom

Running your own business while being a Mum // Campbell Crafts

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"you are so lucky" is often the response when I tell other mums what I do for a living...."you get to be at home, and earn money" - you would think it is the best of both worlds...and it can be. However, when you have a 2 year old in full blown tantrum mode, and are heavily pregnant it can also be a huge burden. You get no time for 'you', no sneaky escapes to coffee shops, no time off - it is full on ALL THE TIME!

You have customers to please, orders to get out, returns, exchanges, blogs, social media - all while trying to reason with a toddler! Lets just say there is A LOT of TV time in our house, which is shameful but needs must when you have 50 orders to process and emails to write.

Yes she is in nursery a few days a week - which gives me concentrated business time - which is fabulous, but with another on the way, we are about to start it all again. I only realised how stressful it actually is recently, as I am having a difficult pregnancy, with weekly trips to the hospital, and was admitted for a few days. When I am not there - there is no business - it all grinds to a stop, and some customers/people just don't get that! They think we are a HUGE operation, or have a few staff members to plug the holes - nope its me day to day, and Lulu on blogs, plus casual staff at events. So, when I am away/incapacitated - it all goes on pause.

I don't think people realise that when you are your own boss anyway, its tough, if you don't sell things, you don't make money, you don't pay your bills etc but add in children, childcare and all the fun things that come with it (illness, tantrums, socialising for them) it is a full on rollercoaster.

(I wish)

I actually envy my friends that get to go and have adult only time, at work, they only have to think of their job 9-5 on that day, then collect the kids - sounds dreamy when I have a 2 year old holding onto my ankle asking to go to the park while I am picking & packing. I get their side too though, that they would love to have time for their children, to see them every single day...and save the mental fees on childcare.

So, spare a thought when you receive your Campbell Crafts order, we are a little fish, juggling a lot of plates and with another on the way - we will be having a short break this month or next for the new arrival to settle in (plus I am a c-section so no processing orders for me)

There is lots of love in our little packages - and we hope you see that when they pop through your letterbox!


Why We Will Be A Spring Summer Brand All Year Round // Campbell Crafts

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There is no hiding the fact that we are all about pastels, the odd pop of colour and some cute patterns...our entire collection is made up of that 50's ice cream parlour look.

However, I have been emailed a few times about "what do I have coming for winter?", "will you be doing dark colours?" and "do you do this in black?"

As much as I love throwing on a polo neck, some tartan and thick woollen tights - it isn't what The Fifty Five Collection is about. We are a brand inspired by Palm Springs, the candy coloured dream that it is. The 50's colour pallets, the pastel front doors and the eternal sunshine (out of 356 days, 350 are sunshine) - and with that you don't get the need for winter coats and layers. SO, we will be staying in summer thank you! Thats not to say you can't wear our designs year round - a clever pair of navy tights and a cropped jumper worn with our gingham skirts would look amazing. A leather jacket and biker boots would make our hibiscus print dresses look there are options peeps!

We just don't want to produce SS and AW lines every year - we are a small company, some of you may know we had major production issues this year - which really set us back and made me question whether I would even keep the brand going. We don't have the man power or finances to produce large collections each 'season' so what we will be doing is adding bits and pieces throughout the year to suit the climate - whether it's some accessories to help make our clothes 'wearable' during the colder months (although I don't know if it will ever be cold again with these insane heatwaves) and in the spring adding some new pieces to the existing collection. It will be a forever revolving online boutique!!! Exciting no?!

I get it, everyone is super excited about Halloween, then Christmas - but that doesn't mean that you can't wear a fabulous Campbell Crafts piece too!!!! Oh and half the world is living a summer dream while we are in winter - so all you lovelies - you don't have an excuse!

Our pieces are limited edition, we make small runs - so once its gone - it is really gone and we are on to the next colour way or you are kind of buying something that not everyone will have, from a small woman run business based in the UK - with our production all done here in the UK too!

SO, don't be looking for any winter warmers here at CC - its all about California baby..... via the UK.


Get Ready with Bettie! // Miss Bettie Bookworm

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Hello Everyone!
Miss Bettie Bookworm comin at ya with a little step by step hair “tutorial” on a brush out I tend to do after a fresh set. So I have to say I am not a hair stylist, nor do I have professional training. I just love to do hair, and sort of just get lucky with how some of my styles turn out. I have watched youtube tutorials from some of the most inspiring pinups, seen vintage photographers ( which I google) , and talk to fellow retro gals about how they do their own. All of which have inspired and taught me dos and don'ts of the retro hair world, as well as what works for my own hair.

Hair itself is rather complicated, it's all very unique depending on the person and you just have to go through a trial and error period of product, tools and styles. It’s basically like going through those awkward child years all over again. Sounds fun right? It’s not. But all you can do is laugh and push through. After years of practice, and those rough and tumble awkward years I finally got to the point where I am proud of what I can do to my own hair. Could I do it for someone else? Who knows really.. But hopefully these little tips and trick can help you on your journey.

So lets kick this thing off with some product and tools shall we?  The product and tool  find is sometimes the hardest part of the hair styling adventure. What ends up; happening is you have to rediscover what your hair is all about. Obviously some products and supplies work for some people and not for others. Everyone needs a few basics to have something to work with. A brush is always important when it comes to a brush out, pretty shocking right? Who would have thought?? I currently using the Wet Brush brand in the “smooth” style , tends to work the best for brush out without taking out all of my curl. When it comes to teasing comes and “smoothing” brushes you can find a reasonable good quality at a hair supply store. Duck slips are a saving grace! They are theses long, “flat”, metal clip that is great when you get everything shaped to be able to set everything in place while one create a cloud of hairspray. Though I am forgetting the most important part, curlers ! I use what I call pillow rollers, which may or may not be what they are actually called. They are pieces of foam with a wire through it, wrapped in a material like cotton or satin. Very easy to sleep on and inexpensive. You only have to replace them ever so often, depending on how tore up you let them get. 

Product wise I have very specific products that I use after a very long series of stuff that just didn’t work for my hair type. In regards to Hair spray I use the Kenra “volume spray” extra hold stuff that will keep my hair together, for the most part, till the very end of the day. Do to the fact that I live in an incredibly foggy area there is just going to be fall out because of the moisture in the air. To set my hair overnight I use the tried and true Suavicita Prep Spray, and can I tell you that I love it ever so much! Keeps my curls soft but secure when I take out my pillow curlers. Pomade is the final product I use on my hair when it comes to the prep and finishing. I usually use it to smooth out flyaways, curls, and I use it when i first undo my set. Right now I am using American Pomade and I love it. Great texture, and smells wonderful, very easy to work with. I know it may seem like a lot , but really I probably could be using so much more.

OK ! I promise onto the quick steps for you, enough about all the stuff I use.

Step One: By now I hope you have come to the conclusion that I set my hair in pillow curlers overnight with prep spray. But if not “ I set my hair overnight with prep spray,” then I wrap my head in a scarf to keep everything in place.

Step Two: Wake up, sit at your vanity, and look at yourself and wonder why you go through all of this most mornings. This is usually when I start my make up for the day. I basically do everything but my eyes and lips, this is so I wont mess up any styles I create while i'm trying to paint my face.

Step Three: Remove the curlers ! I usually remove the curlers by going with the flow of the curl. Do not yank them out, they will end up fluffy and you’ll hurt your head.
Woo Hoo you got this far! Keep it up!

Step Four: I take this awesome American Pomade, rub it between my hands, the lightly run my fingers through my curls. This help separate them, and starts to give me some texture to work with. 

Step Five: Now time to take your handy dandy brush and brush through your hair. This is the part you have to be careful with. You have to find when to stop brushing in order to have all your body and curl leftover, but a shape forming. There has been a ton of times where I have brushed too much and lost all the curl in my hair, or I didnt brush enough and had no true shape.

Step Six: THE TEASE ! Take your teasing brush and start getting in there. Teasing helps keep curls from sectioning back off, gives your volume, and helps keep the body of your hair up longer. After many times of styling my hair without the tease I realized that my hair deflates a lot faster. Teasing can be scary, take it easy the first few times while you are still figuring out what your hair can handle.

Step Seven: Once you have your hair Dolly Parton big you can take your brush and start lightly brushing and shaping your hair. This is when your duck clips will come into play. Once you start feeling the shape your hair is deciding to do you can clip you hold the look in place. Duck clips are a huge life saver by holding everything in place while you are working through it. After you get the shape you desire and the duck slips in place I usually take my smoothing brush and clean everything up. Since I have naturally straight hair, after all the teasing there can be some fly away realness.

Step Eight: Time to create that lovely cloud of hair spray that settles on your phone screen, glasses and basically everything you own. Hairspray is your best friend! Having a good hairspray will help a look lock in place for most, if not the entirety of the day. I’m not going to lie to you, I use a lot of hairspray. I have to make sure these curls are going to last through those foggy days.

Step Nine: Girl if you are like me it’s time to finish your face. While I am little the hair spray dry and settle with the clips in is right about the time I change into what I am wearing for the day, and finish my makeup for the day. Well minus the lipstick, red lipstick gets everywhere and I don't want it getting on something while I am changing.

Step Ten: FINALLY !! Finally dose of airspray cloud after you take out your duck clips and brush down anything that got fluffy. Put on your favorite red lipstick, set your makeup with your favorite setting spray… the BOOM ! Slay Queen!

( these photos were taken about half way through my work day)

Until next time, enjoy doing your hair!
Love Miss Bettie Bookworm x

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