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Happy Halloween to all our wonderful readers and customers of Campbell Crafts!!

As the nights draw in and the weather starts to turn to chilly days and cold nights, I've put together a few ideas on how to style The Fifty Five Collection for the upcoming seasons.

 I always find piecing together your outfit before adding accessories works best. You can change up what you think may not work. Placing your outfit on your bed and laying everything out, means you can get a visual idea of how your outfit will look all together.

Checking the weather the night before helps you get an idea of what would be more practical but still looking stylish. For example: Will you need to wear tights and boots as apposed to bare legs and ballet flats.

Outfit One:
Hibiscus dress paired with a navy cropped cardigan, black or nude tights and black Chelsea boots

Outfit Two:
Teaming the new mustard short sleeve jumper with a swing skirt in blue gingham. Adding brown brogues as pictured to tie it altogether.

Outfit Three:
Pastels work wonders during the colder months like this pink short sleeve jumper, especially with dark tones like the hibiscus swing skirt. Adding the black Chelsea boots for warmth.

Outfit Four:
Adding a tshirt to swing skirts is one of my favorute things to do when its cold. Just add a cardigan - teamed perfectly with the blue gingham swing skirt.

I hope these little tips help you piece together your own outfits for the upcoming seasons wearing your items from The Fifty Five Collection. Make sure to check out Campbell Crafts Boutique this week, as postage is Free for the UK using the code 'FREEPOST' and lower shipping costs to everywhere else!

Have a fabulous week darlings!
Much Love

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