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When I first embarked on my ‘vintage clothing’ journey, I was already a mother to a 3 year old. I had no idea where to start and had never so much as worn red lipstick before.

 My initial influence, had been Dita Von Teese, as it has been for many others. I’d seen a photograph of her in a magazine and couldn’t stop looking at her. Her clothes and style were like no one else I’d seen and a raven haired beauty wearing the most exquisite outfit. With her perfectly styled hair, her perfectly applied red lipstick and every aspect of her outfit co-ordinated, I was completely mesmerised. I’d seen thousands of beautiful dresses on thousands of beautiful people, but I’d never seen it executed in such a way. For me she was a walking piece of art, ethereal almost.

Of course, I’d seen other women dressed like this before, my father was a teenager in the 1950s and still held a love for that era, the music especially. My childhood was filled with old movies, Marilyn wiggling in the tightest of pencil skirts and Betty Grable’s perfect page-boy hair, but I’d never seen it worn in modern day before. For me and many others alike, she marked a change in the whole way I would dress and style myself.

When embarking on my new clothing style, I quickly came to realise I could never be a vintage purist. I had a family and vintage clothing is expensive. To dress head to toe in era specific vintage would have cost a fortune, money I unfortunately didn’t possess. There was also the possibility of it being ruined, children are creatures of mess, spilling and vomit. The thought of spaghetti bolognaise all over that vintage £150 patio dress doesn’t bare thinking about! I obviously have true vintage pieces, that are saved for special occasions, or occasions when I am without children, but mostly my day to day clothing is made up of charity shop findings, the high street and reproduction. 

Many people are surprised when they ask where a particular garment of mine is from and are met with the reply “Primark”. And this is what I discovered that day I came across that beautiful photograph of Dita. The dress itself she was wearing was obviously beautiful, but it was how she styled it that made it become that beautiful work of art. Her hair, her makeup, the shoes and accessories she wore with it. Anyone else could have worn that dress and it would have looked completely different, but on her it looked like something from an old black and white movie, a classic.
When my second baby arrived almost 3 years ago, I soon realised in order to continue to be dressed every day, I’d need to get slightly more organised. Having a toddler, teenager and 2 step children, leaves little time to get ready, so I find preparing outfits for the week on a Sunday evening (when Children are sleeping) a life saviour. I co-ordinate accessories and shoes too, so it’s all hung up ready and I don’t have to give it another thought.

Obviously, there are days where it all goes out the window, or the thought on even leggings feels like a struggle on 3 hours sleep. I am in no way perfectly preened every day ans my style reflects this.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve explored different avenues within the vintage scene and find myself replacing heels, with cowboy boots. Not only are they comfortable and practical, they go surprisingly well with my existing wardrobe and I can still run around after children in pretty outfits, without the fear of breaking an ankle.

Ever since purchasing my first pair last year, I’m constantly on the lookout for items that will compliment them yet perpetuate the 50s style I still adore. So, when I was sent the pink gingham swing skirt, from Campbell Crafts new FIFTY FIVE COLLECTION, it was instant love. Not only am I a total sucker for gingham (and pink!) but the midi length allows for wearing with and without a petticoat, an option I adore. Let’s face it, some days you just want to throw on a pretty skirt and go and other days you want that extra sass. 

The oversized white buttons down the middle make this skirt and the light material ridiculously easy to wear. I’ve worn this skirt 3 times since I received it and in the first, not only was yogurt spilt all down it, but we also had an unfortunate toddler/no nappy incident, which washed out on a cool wash...thank goodness!! 

It also looks freakin’ awesome with my cowboy boots, in fact it may just be my new favourite item to wear with them, the pink and feminine style of the skirt mixed with the edginess of a pair of vintage cowboy boots, is a look I’m going to be donning all summer.
It's definitely my new go to piece for the season ahead – now I could maybe start collecting the blue and white versions…….

Top Tips For A Mummy On The Go:
1. Set your outfit out including accessories the night before
2. Find someone you would like to Dita, and take ideas from your wardrobe
3. Mix and match inexpensive high street finds with repro or true vintage
4. You don't have to wear heels - look for (cowboy) boots or flat alternatives

Until my next post, have a wonderful day!

Jane - Mid Century Mummy

 Instagram: MidcenturyMummy
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