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"you are so lucky" is often the response when I tell other mums what I do for a living...."you get to be at home, and earn money" - you would think it is the best of both worlds...and it can be. However, when you have a 2 year old in full blown tantrum mode, and are heavily pregnant it can also be a huge burden. You get no time for 'you', no sneaky escapes to coffee shops, no time off - it is full on ALL THE TIME!

You have customers to please, orders to get out, returns, exchanges, blogs, social media - all while trying to reason with a toddler! Lets just say there is A LOT of TV time in our house, which is shameful but needs must when you have 50 orders to process and emails to write.

Yes she is in nursery a few days a week - which gives me concentrated business time - which is fabulous, but with another on the way, we are about to start it all again. I only realised how stressful it actually is recently, as I am having a difficult pregnancy, with weekly trips to the hospital, and was admitted for a few days. When I am not there - there is no business - it all grinds to a stop, and some customers/people just don't get that! They think we are a HUGE operation, or have a few staff members to plug the holes - nope its me day to day, and Lulu on blogs, plus casual staff at events. So, when I am away/incapacitated - it all goes on pause.

I don't think people realise that when you are your own boss anyway, its tough, if you don't sell things, you don't make money, you don't pay your bills etc but add in children, childcare and all the fun things that come with it (illness, tantrums, socialising for them) it is a full on rollercoaster.

(I wish)

I actually envy my friends that get to go and have adult only time, at work, they only have to think of their job 9-5 on that day, then collect the kids - sounds dreamy when I have a 2 year old holding onto my ankle asking to go to the park while I am picking & packing. I get their side too though, that they would love to have time for their children, to see them every single day...and save the mental fees on childcare.

So, spare a thought when you receive your Campbell Crafts order, we are a little fish, juggling a lot of plates and with another on the way - we will be having a short break this month or next for the new arrival to settle in (plus I am a c-section so no processing orders for me)

There is lots of love in our little packages - and we hope you see that when they pop through your letterbox!

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