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Hello sweethearts!
I usually start my blog post on Mid Century Sweetheart like this, but this time I have a contentment to write for ­­­­Campbell Crafts. So I'll take advantage of the opportunity to deliver you something useful and interesting. Last year for me was, amongst other things, marked by many journeys. I had to pack for a six month absence, which meant clothes for three seasons (spring, summer and fall). When I returned home at the end of September, I spent the next two months traveling back and forth to my boyfriend. Spending a couple of days at home and a couple of days at my boy I learned how to pack practically and shove all pin up essentials into small suitcase, because who wants to pull a lot of luggage every bit on the train. So here are my tips for travel like a pin up!
First, you do not have to give up your recognizable style when travel. Of course you will not be comfortable in a wiggle dress or wide petticoat, so jumpsuit or swing trousers to the rescue. I often neglect compromises and replace the comfort with full hands of bags and coat which does not fit in the suitcase but it's „necessary“ hahahha. I do often travel with my petticoat and coat on so I could save some room in my suitcase for something else (like new clothes I'm gonna buy on the road). 

  So tip no two: plan your outfits and do it smart. Choose few key pieces and focus on accessorizing. I love to single out one or two colors of shoes and cardigans, lets say black and red. So I get my black shoes, bag, petticoat, cardigan, head scarf and jewelry and I simply match dresses with them. That is how I mix things up and have my orange dress with black pieces one day and red dress the other day. If I'm out of ideas, I just scroll trough my Instagram to recall some outfits. I love dresses more, but if you are a fan of skirts and separates, and make sure you pick up your tops and bottoms to match eachother for a mix up to avoid feeling like you are wearing the same thing all the time. Oh, and try to choose clothes that doesn't wrinkles.

Tip no three- secure your accessories and make up! If you have ever order Erstwilder you have their cute boxes that I use to fix my jewelry so it doesn't fly all over or gets damaged during transport.

Also, if you order from eBay, you maybe got great plastic bags ( I got a few dresses in them) that I save and use to storage my shoes when I travel because they are transparent, solid and with a zipper, so very practical!

My sunglasses, hairflowers and bangles I put into one of my vintage bags because they are firm and have a lot of compartments.

I find it important to separate everything in separate boxes and compartments so if something like make up leaks or gets broken it can't damage the rest of the luggage.

I think the biggest tip for packing is to always take items that you are comfortable to have most of the fun on your trip and don't worry about shoes that squint or uncomfortable attire. And lastly, don't overpack clothes, just informations about a place where you travel to enjoy it to the fullest.

Eleanor Rebel

Instagram: @eleanor_rebel
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