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Here down under, Miss Pinup Australia is the national long running event run and organised by Miss Pixie, the owner of Boogie Bop Dames focused around a woman’s rite of passage and women’s personal growth. I’ve been going to Miss Pinup Australia events as a supporter for a number of years now and in 2017 I decided to take the plunge and compete in the 2017 season of Miss Pinup Australia. The first aspect of the Miss Pinup Australia season is the Meet and Greet, which is when contestants have the opportunity to meet people who support their journey, the sponsors of the event and to have their families come along and support them. 

This year’s NSW meet and greet event was held at the Skyline Drive In, an amazing venue which features a full 1950s diner on top of the old school vintage drive in movie theatre. Before the meet and greet the ladies who are part of the season participate in workshops on posing and self growth, aimed at building us up emotionally and nurturing out self confidence in preparation for stepping on stage for the Miss Pinup Australia Semi-finals and finals later in the year. This year’s season has a group of amazing women who I am so grateful to go through this journey with. We all come from different walks of life and we are all learning so much together which is so wonderful. There is something incredible about sisterhood, something which can feel lost in the world today.

As a girl who gets rather anxious about social settings, being on the flip side of the meet and greet was definitely a challenge as I was used to being the supporter instead of the supportee. The meet and greet was a fun affair! Past winners, mentors, family, friends and supporters all came for an afternoon of games, music and fun (there may have been some rather amusing hula hoop limbo). It was incredible to see people I’d once supported there to cheer me on and to have people I recognised from past crowds there to in turn support me.

For me personally the day was incredible. I stepped outside my comfort zone massively. I talked to people outside my social circle and comfort zone. I made new friends and I very much enjoyed the entire experience. I’m so grateful to be given the opportunity to grow and step outside my comfort zone and I’m looking forward to attending more events in 2017 and 2018 here in Australia with the conclusion of this season of MPA.

The semi-finals took place on the 19th August 2017 and while I personally didn’t place it was incredible to be on stage with the other women I’ve come to consider my sister’s during this season. The winners Miss Dita Margarita and Miss Velvet Crush did so amazingly well and we are all so excited to be on stage again with the grand finals on the 30th September 2017. You can follow the progress of the Grand final at their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/misspinupaustralia
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