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July 17th 1955, a park straight out of a fairytale opens up to the public and there has never been anything else quite like it since. Life-size spinning tea cups, frosted tip mountains, trains that take you back in time. A park for everyone to enjoy, whether you were a child or just wanted to act like one. Walt Disney had really outdone himself.

Disneyland; the happiest place on earth, where kids come to hop a flying pirate ship to fly around Neverland or soar on a sled through the great alps barely escaping the clutches of the abominable snowman on Matterhorn. Disneyland is where memories are made, money is spent, and children's tears are shed. When thinking of this magical place many would think that is only for children, but you are wrong my friend, Disneyland is far better as an adult. Staying in a hotel just walking distance from the park, mid afternoon cocktails, and incredible food. It’s a small town girls version of Vegas. Well sort of. It’s my much preferred version of Vegas personally, not as many hooligans, at least the hooligans are more incognito. What time is the best time to go to the happiest place on earth , you ask? Dapper Day Weekend, Obviously!


For those of you who don’t know Dapper Day is the best event to attend if you are a vintage lover. It is a convention/ expo and outing that is hosted within the Disneyland Hotel and the two parks, in California at least. Dapper Day is hosted not only in the Original Disneyland, it’s held in Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris. The event itself started in 2011 at the Original Disneyland as a way to broadcast true and repro vintage  style. It was a way to  bring back the feeling or yesteryear in the park, with a quirky twist. The event at Disneyland is currently occurring twice a year in spring and fall. They do host other events at LA museums, to continue on the fun, and bringing our historic style with a twist to the public. I recommend checking out their website for more details about the outings themselves, cool merch, and what other events they host.

Website link: http://dapperday.com/

            I have been lucky  enough to attend at least five of the Disneyland events split between the spring and fall outing. I started going back in spring of 2016, and after that first outing I was hooked. I honestly couldn’t say I have ever been to anything that speaks to who I am so clearly. It’s an event that combines me two favourite things, Disneyland and Vintage clothing. How wonderful, right?!?!  You just feel like you take a step back into the past when Disneyland first opened and everything was new and exciting. Woman in dresses and crinolines squeezing into the cars for the rides and laughing trying to make sure their skirts don’t fly up. Men wearing tailored pants , pressed shirts, and occasionally hats; parading their dates around, or causing chaos with the gang. It seemed to be a wonderful time in the parks; dapper day seems to recreate those moments for the modern man and woman.


Flash forward to Spring of 2018 and this bookworm was in my happy place parading around the park. Sadly the worst happened, I got terrible ill with the flu. All morning I spent getting ready in my first look, yellow tea length dress, mustard polka dots, and a hat. Looked exactly how I wanted to look, down to the very last detail, but on the inside the worse was setting in. Hoping in the car, super excited to be headed to the happiest place on earth, the chills kicked in, clammy hands and the tonsil growing in size; my body was slowly dwindling. By the time we parked at the hotel the aches were on full force and I was barely able to stop myself from crying. This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. Either way I was not missing my trip, after getting checked in we hopped on the shuttle and made our way to the expo. 

The expo is amazing, shopping galore, from the Dapper Day merchandise to true vintage booths, if didn’t pay attention you could easily spend all your money. The difference between this year and many of the other trips was the fact that I had friends. You are probably wondering, “ what do you mean you didn’t have friends before?” Well honestly I didn’t know a lot of people in the vintage scene until this year. Strange right? Considering I lived in Southern California for the last six years. Since I have been back up in bay area I finally found my niche, my hair game got better, my closet got larger and I became the Miss Bettie Bookworm you see today. Social media helped me connect with others in the world of vintage fashion, then after going to a few of the dapper events I started to meet people. So when I attended this year I didn’t just do a lot of shopping, I get a hell of a lot of hugs. Sorry if I ended up getting anyone sick, so not my intention, but I should could wait to say hello. My partner in crime and I decided to spend more time walking to all our vendor friends, talking to fellow dapper attendees and listening to the wonderful Dandy Wellington instead of spending all the money. Despite slowly dying inside it was my the best expo event II have ever experienced, thanks to all my fantastic friends. 

After a stop at Trader Sam’s for one drink, CVS( drug store) trip to pick up more cold and flu meds, and a night in the bath trying to get my fever down; I somehow made it to day two. Let’s just say I was feeling way way worse than the day before, the flu hit me like a bag of bricks and I was barely standing up straight. The world was a foggy mess of anything I could take to try to make myself feel better. My best friend was the kindest woman and brought my some breakfast in bed so I could try to get up and functioning. Let just say it was pure will of force that I got my sick self up and put together for the day. Somehow, by the grace of all those fashionable ladies that came before us we looked fabulous. My bestie and I crushed it, out of the ballpark, into space and beyond. Take in mind, this was after dealing with me being sick , hotel issues, and completely forgetting all of our detail pieces for the day in Ventura (1.5 hr north of Disneyland). Thanks to her wonderful daughter we were able to get our accessories for the day. A huge thank you to theraflu for giving me the strength to not only do my own hair and makeup, but also the hair of my best friend. Let’s just say that the Tweedles from Alice and Wonderland never looked so darn good. Down to the very last pin , we looked like Tweedle Dee and Dum would have looked if they were fine, feminine 1940s woman. Pinstripe pussy bow blouses, beaded vintage ties, fascinators, red suspender, and black trousers made the look classy and very extra. What can I say, when we have an image of a look in our head we sure as hell make it happen.

Sunday was a haze to be honest. In most of the photos I either took or had taken of me I looked alright, but my eyes were glossy, and my demeanour wasn’t the most approachable. I tried my hardest to not have resting B***h face I promise. I ended up getting really sick in one of the bathrooms at the park, and losing one of my pins in the toilet. Luckily I had just flushed and was pulling myself together before I had to fish it out. Yes people I wasn’t going to lose that vintage pin in the toilet forever, don’t worry I washed and sanitised myself and the pin. After that it was kind of a series of unfortunate events, Indiana Jones broke down, I could eat any of the Disney snacks I wanted, and the dinner I had in the park I couldn’t stomach. But a huge plus was that I had the chance  to spend time with my favourite cook Miss Semi Sweet. my friend worked her magic and was able to add Miss Semi to our dinner reservations, and despite me not being able to eat anything I felt full of joy.  

When I caught my second wind I powered through the rest of the day, hoping on the rides that I love, attempting to sing along to the songs and staying upright. I even faced the crowd to watch the Pixar Fest fireworks and dance along to COCO. No matter how sick I am Disneyland and its magic will always make it better. I was happy to see all my favourite people, even making new friends along the way. I got to spend a couple bucks on some gifts for myself at the park and that was the end of the Dapper Day adventure. I somehow got myself unpinned, and pack in bed. I successfully made it to the end. I even woke up the next day, without a voice, trying to go back to the park. I didn’t want to leave thinking I missed out on anything because I was sick. Well, I didn't make it back to the park but I sure tried to convince my best friend that I was OK enough to go back. 

I honestly suggest that if you are in California and you have the opportunity to attend the Dapper Day events you should. Even if you don’t dress up, or dress vintage. You will love just being apart of the fun. I for one plan on going for more, I’ll probably even be there in Fall 2018, new outfits, details and hair. I really hope to see everyone there, and if you see me don’t hesitate to say hello. Let's hope next time I won’t be sick. Oh, by the way, my friend and I have been featured in some of the Official Dapper Day events photos! Go check them out! The photographers attend the event are fabulous, and you will get a chance to more of the wonderful looks. Maybe it will spark inspiration for you for when you attend. I can not wait for the next time I am down at the event and seeing huge smiles in the happiest place on earth. 

Much Love
Stephanie - Miss Bettie Bookworm

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