Friday, 15 April 2016

Diner Divas and Bowling Babes

As you all know I have an obsession with vintage americana - so in 2015 Campbell Crafts launched its Diner collection.

Initially 3 shirts in pastel pink blue and yellow, we then added 2 diner dresses and in autumn the black & pink diner blouse! These are all limited edition and the colour ways wont be repeated - which means when you purchase one of our diner pieces you know it will be a little more special!!!

modelled by the gorgeous Diablo Rose

With pinups worldwide wearing our diner range, the success of this collection has been amazing so in 2016 we launched our Bowling range.

We have been amazed at how everyone has responded to these 2 new designs and are looking at launching some more colour options in the autumn!

modelled by the stunning Rachel Francis 

In all we have created a colourful american dream - an essential for any 50s lover! You can grab yours from our website:

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Living a Vintage Life

In a modern world the vintage lovers can be lost, ridiculed or forced to play ‘dress up’ on weekends and evenings.

When living in a vintage world you gravitate towards other dedicated lovers of the vintage era, whether it is at jive clubs, fairs and weekenders or a trip to your local Krispy Kreme in your classic car at the weekend. We all tend to ‘find’ one another and connect in the most modern of ways – the Internet.

I come from a fine art and fashion background – with years of working as a fashion stylist for international brands, celebrities and the media under my belt. An industry renowned for its often bitchy attitude and ‘out for yourself’ mentality. When making the decision to follow my vintage passion into a new and exciting world – I was unsure of the reception I would have. I had no need to worry!  Often creative brains, finding new and inventive ways of restoring, repairing and finding that perfect piece – we are an imaginative bunch – and I fit right in! I was struck by not only how friendly everyone was but, the camaraderie displayed among everyone – reminiscent of the war time era. Everyone would club together – to help those that needed it – lending a hand and offering advise or tips.

However, living a vintage life need not stop at weekend retreats and dancing the lindy! OH NO – a true sense of vintage style should be carried forward into your living abode. My home is full of vintage treasures – collected from around the globe, flea markets, vintage fairs, Ebay and more. We live in a mid century home and have filled her to the brim with 50’s and 60’s furniture. I am forever scouring the Internet for G-Plan or Ercol items, perfect fabrics or images to frame. It has almost become an obsession.

When looking at the glossy adverts of yester-year I am envious of the style, the ease of purchase of some of the best decor I have seen…ever! I wonder what it would be like to be transferred back to a time where you could pop to the local furniture dealer and purchase your sectional sofa in shades of mint or peach – where having a pink bathroom suite was not a sin but a must! I dream of owning a Concept home (LA) that I can truly turn into my own vintage haven – of course I couldn’t sacrifice my modern accessories – a nice balance of old and new is always a battle!

 For now I am living my vintage life, wearing my vintage and vintage repro clothes, sitting on my G-plan 1959 sofa, surrounded by 50’s & 60’s atomic loveliness – while searching the web on my MacBook and watching The Real Housewives of somewhere! That’s enough for me – right now!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Vintage Life April 2016

Published in Vintage Life Magazine - April 2016

Feeling good
By Lindsay Crafts of Campbell Crafts Vintage

This month we spring clean, start those summer diets and prepare for the warmer weather ahead. It’s the time to start feeling good about yourself and investing in a fabulous new spring/summer wardrobe – full of colour, pastels and prints.

We spend a lot of time sourcing new, unusual and exclusive to the UK brands that will keep you looking and feeling fabulous this spring – just in time for all the vintage weekenders and events this season! We know there is nothing worse than turning up at an event and bumping into people wearing the exact same thing as you – cringe! That’s why mixing true vintage, with exclusive pieces from around the globe will keep you ahead of the fashion game. Every vintage vixen knows that mixing true vintage with repro is a great way of achieving a timeless look, while getting your actual dress size (with no alterations required) and keeping costs down!

Its tough to know how to dress to impress, should it be a casual rockabilly feel, a 40s war time tea dress or a colourful tropical look that Carmen Miranda would be proud of? Why not mix and match, nothing keeps you looking fresh like a whole new top to toe look each day! While adding a headscarf, cardigan and saddle shoes to a basic jeans and tee combo will add that vintage feel for your ‘everyday life’.


When we look at images of the ‘good old days’ we long for those prints, cuts and designs – all topped with perfect hair and make-up. By even achieving a small bit of that look – in every day life you can feel great.  A new vintage print t-shirt goes a long way in picking up your mood and adding a spring to your step, especially when the compliments start rolling in!

Its been proven that shopping releases endorphins and blasts those winter blues – so you can not only look amazing in your new treats but you are doing some scientifically approved goodness for your body! A great excuse if I ever heard of one!

Campbell Crafts scours the globe looking for unique, exclusive brands and brings them to the UK for you all to appreciate and we ship worldwide! Give us a follow on instagram and facebook to see what’s new and what events we are attending!!!

instagram: @campbellcrafts

Facebook: Campbell / Crafts vintage

Photos in middle of article: L: Mischief Made me, R: My Favourite Things wearings Campbell Crafts
Pink cardigan photo in article: Sourpuss clothing - all clothing featured available from