Friday, 15 April 2016

Diner Divas and Bowling Babes

As you all know I have an obsession with vintage americana - so in 2015 Campbell Crafts launched its Diner collection.

Initially 3 shirts in pastel pink blue and yellow, we then added 2 diner dresses and in autumn the black & pink diner blouse! These are all limited edition and the colour ways wont be repeated - which means when you purchase one of our diner pieces you know it will be a little more special!!!

modelled by the gorgeous Diablo Rose

With pinups worldwide wearing our diner range, the success of this collection has been amazing so in 2016 we launched our Bowling range.

We have been amazed at how everyone has responded to these 2 new designs and are looking at launching some more colour options in the autumn!

modelled by the stunning Rachel Francis 

In all we have created a colourful american dream - an essential for any 50s lover! You can grab yours from our website:

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