Friday, 2 January 2015

My LOVE of flamingos!

OH how I love a kitsch, fabulous pink flamingo - their pretty bold colour attracting stares and adoration in equal measures. Lawn flamingos created in 1957 by Don Feathersone, can be found across American gardens and has long been the Airstream Trailers mascot. They have become an important part of the Airstream world, with many owners, us included, decorating their outside space with these pink beauties.


Due to their popularity, Featherstone, had to sign his flamingo cast in order to avoid the fake lawn ornaments cropping up! Well we are the proud owners of quite a few, some travel with us to our shows with our 'Bonnie' the Airstream and others are in our home - and of course in our showroom!

[Photo courtesy of Donald Featherstone]

Flamingos have a child like appeal with their pink colouring, they certainly stand out - they offer a kitsch look at 50's America, a timeless classic that is still standing and appreciated! Often seen as the symbol of Florida, used in the famous Alice & Wonderland PLUS they even have a hotel named after them in Las Vegas - they are certainly a show stopping famous bird. (The real ones are a little less vividly pink and much more stinky!!!)

WE LOVE FLAMINGOS, WE LOVE AIRSTREAMS, and combined they make the perfect pair - Campbell Crafts has a flamingo for any occasion - come and say hi and you will see some of our fabulous feathered friends! 

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